Pendants - fireflies

Reflective pendants - safety fireflies

Reflective pendants or safety fireflies are used for increasing the visibility and safety of children and adults in road traffic. Our products place among the best on the market and comply with the EN 13356:2001 standard prescribed by the EU, as was confirmed in writing by the Council for Prevention and Education in Road Traffic and the photometry laboratory. The reflective surface is compliant with all regulations.

The reflective pendant is designed and manufactured in accordance with the EN 13356:2001 standard and has a CE designation. We manufacture reflective pendants in four different shapes (BEAR, CIRCLE, SQUARE and TURTLES). Reflective pendants are available in the following colours: white, orange, yellow, green and blue. Reflective pendants are packed into traffic safety bags along with instructions for use and declarations.

In agreement with our customers, we can also develop specific new products.

It is good to know

Reflective pendants - safety fireflies are made in Slovenia. Reflective pendants can be printed with the logo of your company in one or two colours. Expenses of reflective pendant delivery are covered by us.

  • I want to be safe
    I always walk on the sidewalk. When the road is not equipped with a sidewalk, I always walk on the left side of the road, displaying a safety firefly reflective pendant.
  • Visibility is safety
    In twilight or at night, a driver notices:
    - a pedestrian wearing dark clothes from 26m away
    - a pedestrian wearing bright clothes from 38m away
    - a pedestrian displaying a safety firefly reflective pendant from 136m away
  • I wear a safety firefly
    At night, in darkness and decreased visibility circumstances (fog, rain, snow), I wear bright clothes and a safety firefly pendant with a reflective surface compliant with regulations (20 - 30cm).
  • It is important to know!
    If you are not equipped with a reflective pendant as a pedestrian, you may be issued a fine in accordance with paragraph two of Article 97 of the Road Transport Safety Act.